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POLDO CA: 0x2A75A19a162Ef79Ed97012e31d8F9c06D3bB4F92


POLDO tirelessly collaborated with developers, igniting a revitalization in the Polygon network. This first dog meme token transformed Polygon into a vibrant ecosystem, saving it from obscurity. Join us on our mission to unite dog lovers, crypto enthusiasts, and meme aficionados in a decentralized, transparent community. Embrace innovation and pride with POLDO, the first dog meme token on Polygon.

POLDO 🐾, the First Dog Meme Token on the Polygon Blockchain!

poldo roadmap

Stage 1

500 Holders
Build Organic Holder Foundation
1000 Twitter Followers
Build Brand Awareness
Showcase Poldo Tools

Stage 2

2500 Holders
Marketing Campaign
Release All Poldo Tools
Poldo Tools Revenue Stream (Benefits Poldo Holders)

Stage 3

5000 Holders
Cex Listings
Foundation of Polygon Meme Ecosystem

Join us on our journey through these carefully planned stages, where we’ll bring value to our holders and enhance the Polygon Meme Ecosystem. Exciting developments and milestones await!

why poldo?

Poldo’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of individual dedication within the blockchain landscape. As the crypto dog continues to lead Polygon to new heights, its story becomes a symbol of inspiration for the crypto community, demonstrating the impact that a determined and forward-thinking figure can have in shaping the destiny of a blockchain network.



1 buy and 1 sell



A simple and fair approach – 1% tax on transactions and LP tokens are burned